Media Diary 7: looking back

•October 10, 2010 • 2 Comments

By the time I began to write the first diary, I thought I would spend a lot of time on checking the domestic social networking site Renren, looking at my friends’ wall or leaving comments to their pictures. However, I didn’t do so. Although social networking sites has stepped into my daily life and evolved as a daily routine, I do not get addicted to activities in this online community as I thought before. From a broad perspective, I think maybe heavy usage of social networking sites is just a new lifestyle for younger generation in this digital age. It’s different from smoking or alcohol addiction, at least, less harmful.

Furthermore, I want to say that iMail is a great tool for me. When I mentioned “checking email”, the fact was iMail always reminded me there were unread mails. For that matter, as long as my macbook works and I am sitting in front of it, I won’t miss anyone, in addition, I won’t worry about late reply. However, due to online shopping in different websites (I must register the membership of that store), everyday I get a bunch of commercials and most of them are useless.

Without a doubt, we are the net-generation plus mobile device generation. During the past week, I paid extra attention on peers in the surroundings to see how American college population gets access to all kinds of media. When I was waiting for the bus on 34th st., I did saw a lot of drivers talking on the phone; when I was getting on the bus, I found students listening to music via their Apple products (iPod, iTouch or iPhone); when I was in the library, students around me were chatting on Facebook. All of these evidence indicate that new ICTs are so pervasive.

Watching Gator’s game live was so exciting, for me, this was my first time to be a “real” gator (huh, I really don’t seem like a 2nd-year grad student…). But sadly we lose the game… The traffic after game was so bad and the cars almost stood still. In the car my friends and I just listened to radio FM104.9 and talked about the game. I found that none of us really paid attention to the radio program content, which meant the engagement, was kind of low. But no one suggested turning off the channel. Although this was also media usage, we didn’t really “use” this medium.

The game last 4 hours and because of the heavy traffic I went home nearly 1:00 am. I’m getting so exhausted… After all, the game is impressive and the atmosphere in the stadium just lets me to be a real gator. The big screens there also have the “media” function where more details are told.

Finally, hope the gators win next game!


Media Diary 6: everyone talks about Nobel Prize

•October 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

10: 20 Check email. One class offers each member in that class an account on Thus I logged on to check the similarity of my proposal. I am always cautious on this plagiarism issue emphasized in our college. And luckily, the results are not bad.

Around 11: 00 I checked comments on WP blogs. I found it was interesting when there was an instant two-way communication on one webpage (not a chat room of course).

11:20 I went to campus to pick up the football ticket. Because I didn’t have class today, I decided to go home then. On the bus I changed another theme for my cell phone just for fun. 12:30 came back and checked email. During lunchtime I shifted my macbook into Windows operation system to watch online TV by using a software called PPStream, which was designed by Chinese technology people. I just watched one episode in a Chinese drama that I had seen before and then re-started the laptop to Apple’s system again.

13:30 I got a phone call from The guy asked something about my opinion on that website and we discussed how to make it more appealing to more audience for a few minutes. After the call I decided to add some videos to my channel thus I went to YouTube. In the front page I found a news clip talking about a UFO over China! To my surprise, this was from ABC… but I don’t think CCTV would report it…

In the afternoon I was reading Nielsen’s report on adolescents’ media usage. One of the results revealed that in China 55% teens (12-17) considered YouTube as the top 3 web brand. I mentioned that YouTube is blocked in China only if they use special procedure to overcome the “wall”, but still, the speed is too slow to watch videos on YouTube. In addition, I think some local brands like Tudou, Youku are much more accessible and popular than YouTube. I just wonder why they pick up a brand which is not available in China.

Furthermore, when browsing news at news.163, I did pay attention to the Nobel Prize section because I knew the Nobel Peace Prize was rewarded to Xiaobo Liu (rather than Internet, finally). However, there was no coverage on Peace Prize at all but this news website listed all the other winners. Last week we had a class discussion on CoC. However, I am thinking about whether there is a defined line between “management” and “control” or censorship online where one step ahead is control/censorship while one step back is acceptable management. Just like sometimes we mix persuasion and propaganda together.

19:50 I watched one episode of Merlin (Season Three) on Hulu. 21: 55 I began to enjoy my Friday night with snack and ice-cream as well as listening to, reading Dan Brown’s novel.

Media Diary 5: A day WITH television

•October 7, 2010 • 2 Comments

I read The Lost Symbol till 2:30 in the midnight so I got up late at 11:15 today. After a shower, 11: 46 I checked email and Renren regularly.

12:32 Arrived at the library, went to E-learning to download the focus group discussion guide for the upcoming class.

After class I went to my friend, Xiaoxi’s apartment as she invited me to her home to watch The Big Bang Theory tonight! Both of we two are big fan of this television drama and we think all of the four physicists are very cute, huh! I haven’t watched any television for a nearly two months. This time an NBA competition was aired which her boyfriend was watching. I really think watching TV, especially HDTV is COOL but there are a lot of commercials… Before dinner (we cooked Chinese food together), we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for about 30 minutes on channel EPXHD (actually I don’t know this channel…) 18:00 we was sitting in front of our laptops to get the chance of winning the lottery tickets for this week’s football game. Fortunately, we all got the tickets!

19:45 Checked email. 20:00 Big Bang Theory night was coming! Although there were almost 10-min commercials during the show, I still felt very happy and so involved. I was thinking about the differences between life with television and life without one. We (most Chinese students who study in US) always label ourselves as “outsiders” because it is hard for us to get involved in a different culture as I mentioned before, we don’t text each other; we don’t watch TV or listen to radio; and we find it is confusing when facing political news. I just wonder if we have these basic elements here as we have them at home, it might be possible to feel like an “insider” and not that isolated from the majority.

21:21 As a graduate I cannot spend whole night for entertainment. Therefore when I came home, readings and essays were resumed.

22: 17 Talking with my mother via Skype. Sometimes technology is really a thing for younger generation. Last year when I first came to US, I spent almost 1 hour teaching my mother how to use Skype… though she was familiar with PC and Internet.

Media Diary 4

•October 7, 2010 • 3 Comments

10:35 Checked email and WP blog to see the comments. Around 12:00, checked RTS and went to school. In the library I visited to see whether there was a good deal because I think I do need some warmer clothes… However, I didn’t find any.

13: 53 Checked email and then had lunch with Sijia and Sherry. And before class was over, no media use.

17: 43 I went home, checking email, and was ready to establish my channel on to do my intern assignment. After I created my channel, I logged on Twitter and Facebook to marketing it in order to get more viewers to watch. I added some interesting clips from movies and the tailor of Harry Potter, I planned to develop my channel into a world of movies simply because I love movies. Moreover I think this internship forces me to update my Twitter webpage and Facebook account much more frequently, and it’s good as I always say to myself that I am now in US, I should learn more about this country. Also, I was not a fan of YouTube before, but from now on, I must see more clips on YouTube and add something interesting into my channel—because this is exactly what I am supposed to do in this internship program. Maybe having a YouTube account will be helpful.

Surprisingly I didn’t feel hungry at all. 19:34 I had a discussion on a response paper with Xiaoxi on MSN. 20:17 Working on response paper and in the meantime I listened some classic music via

22: 42 Angry Birds time! (because my roomie was trapped in one level again…) I really love Apple’s product thus I decide to buy a while iPhone 4 when it is released in the end of 2010. By the way, Fruit Nijia is also a cute Apple game. =)

23:55 After reading some academic paper, I decided to change my “journalistic ethics” mind into Dan Brown’s amazing world in his book.

Media Diary 3: nothing special today

•October 5, 2010 • 2 Comments

10:50 Check email, and Renren, and the visual RTS site. I decided to go to the library instead of staying at home for the whole day. I don’t want to be that indoorsy… In the library I check Renren again. It was surprising to see one of my friends, Xiaojing, posted many photos about her cute doggie. I love dogs very much and I really want to fly back to Beijing to play with this lovely little friend.

During the afternoon I was sitting in the library to writing a response paper for an ethics class. I used the online database Communication & Mass Media Complete for several times to find matching research paper. However, it seemed like impossible for me to spend 4 complete hours on writing an essay without a break. Therefore, checking Renren was always my leisure activity. I found another friend, who was travelling in Taiwan in recent days, posted a lot of pictures about delicious food… To be honest I was so hungry at that time plus the air conditioner in the library was too cold… I missed my friend and the real Chinese food very much…

17:30 I was back at home. Still, turning on my Macbook was the priority. When checking email I found ShortformTV sent me the internship description: what I was supposed to do was helping them marketing their website via diverse social media outlets. I planned to create my own channel tomorrow and released URL in next diary. This marketing position is so closely related to social networking sites and YouTube. I guess I will become one of the “YouTube junkies” in the future.

18:22 my dinner was prepared (obviously by myself). Yesterday I missed Merlin because of the singing competition, but today Merlin is BACK to my life. But today I chose to watch it on Tudou (a Chinese site, similar to Hulu).

20:24 Called my family for 40 minutes.

Tonight was a homework night. Around 22:45 I felt so tired thus I decided to read Dan Brown’s novel for a break. The Lost Symbol was borrowed form Sijia, and I also lent her another Chinese novel, Lala’s Promotion. Meanwhile, I listened to to thoroughly relax.

Media Diary 2: I love MSN

•October 4, 2010 • 5 Comments

I got up at 9:20, took a shower, then turned on my laptop. Still, the first thing was checking mailbox. However, as normal, the emails I got were ads from different online shopping sites. I moved those mails into trash simply because I cannot buy something online everyday.

I had class at 6th period, so I decided to catch the bus at noon. TransLoc is always a good tool for me. When waiting for the bus, I played a mini game Adventure Island on my smart phone to kill time. Although I had an iPod, I didn’t update the songs in it for a long time.

When I arrived at campus, I stayed in our library for a while. Here I browsed some newspapers on the shelf. I picked up US Today and The Wall Street Journal. A few minutes before the class, I checked my Renren homepage but nothing interesting at that time.

Laptop was forbidden during the 3-hour class in the afternoon. When the 10-min break came, I found almost everyone with his or her laptop turned it on and checked something, and so did I. 16:00 I got an email from ShortForm TV, and I was told to have an internship opportunity with that company. I was so excited but meanwhile I felt kind of worried because I knew very little about this company. As a result I did further research on Google. It requires a lot of Internet-based work and I will report it in the coming days. 16:30 I began to leave comments on the online shopping blogs.

Because I was invited to be one of the judges for this year’s FACSS (a Chinese student organization at UF) singing competition, I didn’t have the time to get access to internet. 22:00 I was back at home, as usual, I checked email and renren, and had a pleasant chat with a friend via msn for about 1 hour. I find we use much more msn messages than text messages through cell phone. If we have something to tell each other, the primary choice for us is msn. This two-way communication platform is very quick and convenient, especially in this age that we are sitting in front of our laptops all day long. But recall what happened when I was in China, I dare say that we consider texting or phone call as an overwhelming victory.

Media Diary 1: let me get started

•October 3, 2010 • 1 Comment

Before my turn of keeping record of media usage, I’ve been thinking about what media means to me as I’m in an environment with different culture, no radio, no television, no texting, the only thing I can touch is my macbook.

I’m kind of lazy during the weekend. After I got up at 11:30, the first thing was checking emails and (the most popular Chinese campus social networking site, just like Facebook in US). One mail from Facebook told me a friend’s birthday was approaching so I logged on facebook to say happy b-day to her. Generally I prefer renren because I have more than 700 friends but only 50+ on facebook…

Around 13:30 I chatted with a friend via MSN. She works for Xinhua Agency and has arrived in Mexico for a couple of days. She invited me to travel to Mexico during the winter vacation, thus I googled some travelling tips like whether I need a visitor’s visa or not, and the flight price. It’s so expensive that I almost want to give up this Mexico plan.

Again, I check Renren several times in the afternoon as daily routine. Although most of time I don’t have a new message, I just “lurk” and spend my time on browsing what happens to my friends, what they share, so on and so forth. I like reading something about movies and food, especially when someone shares an article about recipe, for that matter I can try something new in my kitchen.

15:17 replied a mail about FACSS’ singing competition.

16:20 Interestingly, my roomie asked me to help her complete the game “angry bird” on her iTouch. I think this should be included in media use so I keep record of it as well. The game design is not complicated but it fairly requires skills and time. I played for almost 50 minutes… just completed 4 levels…

During the suppertime I watched one episode of Merlin, a British TV drama online. Thanks to Hulu, people without television, like me, can also enjoy the same entertaining content, NO commercials. In the evening, I check and iGoogle ( is one part of my iGoogle page) for both domestic and US news. CNN talks a lot about Afghanistan war but I feel less involved…

I was working on my class proposal for the whole night, when I couldn’t find what to write, I checked Renren for brief break.