Media Diary 7: looking back

By the time I began to write the first diary, I thought I would spend a lot of time on checking the domestic social networking site Renren, looking at my friends’ wall or leaving comments to their pictures. However, I didn’t do so. Although social networking sites has stepped into my daily life and evolved as a daily routine, I do not get addicted to activities in this online community as I thought before. From a broad perspective, I think maybe heavy usage of social networking sites is just a new lifestyle for younger generation in this digital age. It’s different from smoking or alcohol addiction, at least, less harmful.

Furthermore, I want to say that iMail is a great tool for me. When I mentioned “checking email”, the fact was iMail always reminded me there were unread mails. For that matter, as long as my macbook works and I am sitting in front of it, I won’t miss anyone, in addition, I won’t worry about late reply. However, due to online shopping in different websites (I must register the membership of that store), everyday I get a bunch of commercials and most of them are useless.

Without a doubt, we are the net-generation plus mobile device generation. During the past week, I paid extra attention on peers in the surroundings to see how American college population gets access to all kinds of media. When I was waiting for the bus on 34th st., I did saw a lot of drivers talking on the phone; when I was getting on the bus, I found students listening to music via their Apple products (iPod, iTouch or iPhone); when I was in the library, students around me were chatting on Facebook. All of these evidence indicate that new ICTs are so pervasive.

Watching Gator’s game live was so exciting, for me, this was my first time to be a “real” gator (huh, I really don’t seem like a 2nd-year grad student…). But sadly we lose the game… The traffic after game was so bad and the cars almost stood still. In the car my friends and I just listened to radio FM104.9 and talked about the game. I found that none of us really paid attention to the radio program content, which meant the engagement, was kind of low. But no one suggested turning off the channel. Although this was also media usage, we didn’t really “use” this medium.

The game last 4 hours and because of the heavy traffic I went home nearly 1:00 am. I’m getting so exhausted… After all, the game is impressive and the atmosphere in the stadium just lets me to be a real gator. The big screens there also have the “media” function where more details are told.

Finally, hope the gators win next game!


~ by luckymaggie on October 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Media Diary 7: looking back”

  1. I’m glad you attended a football game — even though it is sad that our team lost.

    Your analysis of the week of Media Diary entries is a bit narrow — you wrote only about social media and iMail. What about all the other media in your life (books, movies, etc.)? What about you use here vs. back home?

    • Oops… I’m sorry for the topic range in the last diary. I think I mentioned these segments in previous diary and I also made some analyses. To be frank, it seems that laptop is the core of my life. I read paper and e-books on it, watch movie and tv drama on it, and I don’t use text messages for interpersonal communication. But I’m really appreciate your advice, I’ll try more and more local cultural stuff to fulfill my study abroad life here! Thank you very much! =)

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