Media Diary 6: everyone talks about Nobel Prize

10: 20 Check email. One class offers each member in that class an account on Thus I logged on to check the similarity of my proposal. I am always cautious on this plagiarism issue emphasized in our college. And luckily, the results are not bad.

Around 11: 00 I checked comments on WP blogs. I found it was interesting when there was an instant two-way communication on one webpage (not a chat room of course).

11:20 I went to campus to pick up the football ticket. Because I didn’t have class today, I decided to go home then. On the bus I changed another theme for my cell phone just for fun. 12:30 came back and checked email. During lunchtime I shifted my macbook into Windows operation system to watch online TV by using a software called PPStream, which was designed by Chinese technology people. I just watched one episode in a Chinese drama that I had seen before and then re-started the laptop to Apple’s system again.

13:30 I got a phone call from The guy asked something about my opinion on that website and we discussed how to make it more appealing to more audience for a few minutes. After the call I decided to add some videos to my channel thus I went to YouTube. In the front page I found a news clip talking about a UFO over China! To my surprise, this was from ABC… but I don’t think CCTV would report it…

In the afternoon I was reading Nielsen’s report on adolescents’ media usage. One of the results revealed that in China 55% teens (12-17) considered YouTube as the top 3 web brand. I mentioned that YouTube is blocked in China only if they use special procedure to overcome the “wall”, but still, the speed is too slow to watch videos on YouTube. In addition, I think some local brands like Tudou, Youku are much more accessible and popular than YouTube. I just wonder why they pick up a brand which is not available in China.

Furthermore, when browsing news at news.163, I did pay attention to the Nobel Prize section because I knew the Nobel Peace Prize was rewarded to Xiaobo Liu (rather than Internet, finally). However, there was no coverage on Peace Prize at all but this news website listed all the other winners. Last week we had a class discussion on CoC. However, I am thinking about whether there is a defined line between “management” and “control” or censorship online where one step ahead is control/censorship while one step back is acceptable management. Just like sometimes we mix persuasion and propaganda together.

19:50 I watched one episode of Merlin (Season Three) on Hulu. 21: 55 I began to enjoy my Friday night with snack and ice-cream as well as listening to, reading Dan Brown’s novel.


~ by luckymaggie on October 8, 2010.

One Response to “Media Diary 6: everyone talks about Nobel Prize”

  1. Ha, I enjoyed the ABC News report about a UFO over China. Can you find out if that airport really did shut down?

    Do you have any theory that can explain the Nielsen finding about the YouTube brand in China? Maybe the teens younger than you have found a faster speed for watching it?

    One effect that I saw in Malaysia when the local press held back some news (such as Xiaobo Liu being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize) — every educated person in Malaysia knew the “omitted” news anyway, and they ALSO knew that it had been omitted. In this way it was clear to them exactly what kind of news their national press was not permitted to print. So the question is: Why omit the news? The result is that everyone knows they cannot trust the newspapers and TV news of their country.

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