Media Diary 5: A day WITH television

I read The Lost Symbol till 2:30 in the midnight so I got up late at 11:15 today. After a shower, 11: 46 I checked email and Renren regularly.

12:32 Arrived at the library, went to E-learning to download the focus group discussion guide for the upcoming class.

After class I went to my friend, Xiaoxi’s apartment as she invited me to her home to watch The Big Bang Theory tonight! Both of we two are big fan of this television drama and we think all of the four physicists are very cute, huh! I haven’t watched any television for a nearly two months. This time an NBA competition was aired which her boyfriend was watching. I really think watching TV, especially HDTV is COOL but there are a lot of commercials… Before dinner (we cooked Chinese food together), we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for about 30 minutes on channel EPXHD (actually I don’t know this channel…) 18:00 we was sitting in front of our laptops to get the chance of winning the lottery tickets for this week’s football game. Fortunately, we all got the tickets!

19:45 Checked email. 20:00 Big Bang Theory night was coming! Although there were almost 10-min commercials during the show, I still felt very happy and so involved. I was thinking about the differences between life with television and life without one. We (most Chinese students who study in US) always label ourselves as “outsiders” because it is hard for us to get involved in a different culture as I mentioned before, we don’t text each other; we don’t watch TV or listen to radio; and we find it is confusing when facing political news. I just wonder if we have these basic elements here as we have them at home, it might be possible to feel like an “insider” and not that isolated from the majority.

21:21 As a graduate I cannot spend whole night for entertainment. Therefore when I came home, readings and essays were resumed.

22: 17 Talking with my mother via Skype. Sometimes technology is really a thing for younger generation. Last year when I first came to US, I spent almost 1 hour teaching my mother how to use Skype… though she was familiar with PC and Internet.


~ by luckymaggie on October 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Media Diary 5: A day WITH television”

  1. So you’re going to the Gators game? Will it be your first time? 🙂

    EPXHD is a new channel. I have recorded several good movies from it this fall. I have an HD DVR so the quality is great.

    I have a new suggestion for becoming an “insider” in U.S. culture: Watch Dr. Phil’s show on TV! I am joking a little bit — but another student mentioned this daytime show, and I was laughing to myself, because I thought the picture of America from Dr. Phil is maybe not very positive … However, Dr. Phil speaks slowly, and I think you might find his voice easy to understand.

    Also, do you guys know about CC (closed captions) on U.S. TV? This when you see the English text for what the actors are saying. All TVs allow you to turn on CC.

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