Media Diary 4

10:35 Checked email and WP blog to see the comments. Around 12:00, checked RTS and went to school. In the library I visited to see whether there was a good deal because I think I do need some warmer clothes… However, I didn’t find any.

13: 53 Checked email and then had lunch with Sijia and Sherry. And before class was over, no media use.

17: 43 I went home, checking email, and was ready to establish my channel on to do my intern assignment. After I created my channel, I logged on Twitter and Facebook to marketing it in order to get more viewers to watch. I added some interesting clips from movies and the tailor of Harry Potter, I planned to develop my channel into a world of movies simply because I love movies. Moreover I think this internship forces me to update my Twitter webpage and Facebook account much more frequently, and it’s good as I always say to myself that I am now in US, I should learn more about this country. Also, I was not a fan of YouTube before, but from now on, I must see more clips on YouTube and add something interesting into my channel—because this is exactly what I am supposed to do in this internship program. Maybe having a YouTube account will be helpful.

Surprisingly I didn’t feel hungry at all. 19:34 I had a discussion on a response paper with Xiaoxi on MSN. 20:17 Working on response paper and in the meantime I listened some classic music via

22: 42 Angry Birds time! (because my roomie was trapped in one level again…) I really love Apple’s product thus I decide to buy a while iPhone 4 when it is released in the end of 2010. By the way, Fruit Nijia is also a cute Apple game. =)

23:55 After reading some academic paper, I decided to change my “journalistic ethics” mind into Dan Brown’s amazing world in his book.


~ by luckymaggie on October 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Media Diary 4”

  1. Ah, now I have looked at your channel on ShortForm.TV. Is the internship for ShortForm.TV? Why is it called an internship — are you receiving college credit for it? Or are they paying you? I guess I do not understand why it is called an “internship.”

    Oh, PLEASE do not tell me about any more games! |D I am stuck on Level 4 in Angry Birds! That one green pig just will not die!!

    • Sorry about the games… Actually I don’t quite understand why they call this an “internship”, but they told me they’re gonna conduct a campus campaign in November so they need all “interns” to help them create the marketing campaign. This task sounds like internship much better…

  2. Aha … I think they are just using the word “intern” to get you to help them for free! 🙂

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