Media Diary 3: nothing special today

10:50 Check email, and Renren, and the visual RTS site. I decided to go to the library instead of staying at home for the whole day. I don’t want to be that indoorsy… In the library I check Renren again. It was surprising to see one of my friends, Xiaojing, posted many photos about her cute doggie. I love dogs very much and I really want to fly back to Beijing to play with this lovely little friend.

During the afternoon I was sitting in the library to writing a response paper for an ethics class. I used the online database Communication & Mass Media Complete for several times to find matching research paper. However, it seemed like impossible for me to spend 4 complete hours on writing an essay without a break. Therefore, checking Renren was always my leisure activity. I found another friend, who was travelling in Taiwan in recent days, posted a lot of pictures about delicious food… To be honest I was so hungry at that time plus the air conditioner in the library was too cold… I missed my friend and the real Chinese food very much…

17:30 I was back at home. Still, turning on my Macbook was the priority. When checking email I found ShortformTV sent me the internship description: what I was supposed to do was helping them marketing their website via diverse social media outlets. I planned to create my own channel tomorrow and released URL in next diary. This marketing position is so closely related to social networking sites and YouTube. I guess I will become one of the “YouTube junkies” in the future.

18:22 my dinner was prepared (obviously by myself). Yesterday I missed Merlin because of the singing competition, but today Merlin is BACK to my life. But today I chose to watch it on Tudou (a Chinese site, similar to Hulu).

20:24 Called my family for 40 minutes.

Tonight was a homework night. Around 22:45 I felt so tired thus I decided to read Dan Brown’s novel for a break. The Lost Symbol was borrowed form Sijia, and I also lent her another Chinese novel, Lala’s Promotion. Meanwhile, I listened to to thoroughly relax.


~ by luckymaggie on October 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Media Diary 3: nothing special today”

  1. When I was living in Malaysia, sometimes I missed American food SO MUCH … Even though the food in Malaysia is fantastic, and I enjoyed it a lot. Sometimes I just wanted a real cheeseburger (not McDonald’s) with American ketchup … or a cheese omelet with real cheddar cheese … or good crusty bread with real butter! These things were hard to find in Malaysia.

    Okay, that’s not about media at all — but your post reminded me about how I used to feel.

    Hey, where is the URL for your new channel?

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