Media Diary 2: I love MSN

I got up at 9:20, took a shower, then turned on my laptop. Still, the first thing was checking mailbox. However, as normal, the emails I got were ads from different online shopping sites. I moved those mails into trash simply because I cannot buy something online everyday.

I had class at 6th period, so I decided to catch the bus at noon. TransLoc is always a good tool for me. When waiting for the bus, I played a mini game Adventure Island on my smart phone to kill time. Although I had an iPod, I didn’t update the songs in it for a long time.

When I arrived at campus, I stayed in our library for a while. Here I browsed some newspapers on the shelf. I picked up US Today and The Wall Street Journal. A few minutes before the class, I checked my Renren homepage but nothing interesting at that time.

Laptop was forbidden during the 3-hour class in the afternoon. When the 10-min break came, I found almost everyone with his or her laptop turned it on and checked something, and so did I. 16:00 I got an email from ShortForm TV, and I was told to have an internship opportunity with that company. I was so excited but meanwhile I felt kind of worried because I knew very little about this company. As a result I did further research on Google. It requires a lot of Internet-based work and I will report it in the coming days. 16:30 I began to leave comments on the online shopping blogs.

Because I was invited to be one of the judges for this year’s FACSS (a Chinese student organization at UF) singing competition, I didn’t have the time to get access to internet. 22:00 I was back at home, as usual, I checked email and renren, and had a pleasant chat with a friend via msn for about 1 hour. I find we use much more msn messages than text messages through cell phone. If we have something to tell each other, the primary choice for us is msn. This two-way communication platform is very quick and convenient, especially in this age that we are sitting in front of our laptops all day long. But recall what happened when I was in China, I dare say that we consider texting or phone call as an overwhelming victory.


~ by luckymaggie on October 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “Media Diary 2: I love MSN”

  1. So if I understood you correctly — at home you would text more, but here, you are using MSN instead. Is that because you are chatting more with friends back home? Or is it because of our stupid U.S. phone companies that make us pay too much for texting? 🙂

    • At home my cell phone was always by my side, I think the cheaper plans could be one reason… huh~ But here, my laptop is taking the first place, though it is much heavier than a Nokia phone… and I do not use cell phone regularly. We (overseas Chinese students) are sitting with our laptops all day long… at least, most of my friends do so because we don’t have many leisure time activities like local students. Maybe another reason is we don’t have cars, especially for girls. As a result, our lives seem sort of dull…

  2. Ah, too bad … you should RENT a car on the weekend and go see the beautiful parks in Florida! Seriously, the springs are amazing:

    • Thanks for your information =) Actually I do plan to take the driver’s permit test before winter holiday… I think another reason for my non-texting life is it is not that convenience to send messages in English… especially when the other is Chinese, too. Kind of weird…

  3. Oooh … I didn’t think of the English-Chinese language difference on the phone!

    Wah, I also didn’t think about texting in Chinese!! You guys text in Chinese? Well, of course you do. But my mind is reeling with the thought of using written Chinese on a phone-size keypad! It seems incredible1

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