Media Diary 1: let me get started

Before my turn of keeping record of media usage, I’ve been thinking about what media means to me as I’m in an environment with different culture, no radio, no television, no texting, the only thing I can touch is my macbook.

I’m kind of lazy during the weekend. After I got up at 11:30, the first thing was checking emails and (the most popular Chinese campus social networking site, just like Facebook in US). One mail from Facebook told me a friend’s birthday was approaching so I logged on facebook to say happy b-day to her. Generally I prefer renren because I have more than 700 friends but only 50+ on facebook…

Around 13:30 I chatted with a friend via MSN. She works for Xinhua Agency and has arrived in Mexico for a couple of days. She invited me to travel to Mexico during the winter vacation, thus I googled some travelling tips like whether I need a visitor’s visa or not, and the flight price. It’s so expensive that I almost want to give up this Mexico plan.

Again, I check Renren several times in the afternoon as daily routine. Although most of time I don’t have a new message, I just “lurk” and spend my time on browsing what happens to my friends, what they share, so on and so forth. I like reading something about movies and food, especially when someone shares an article about recipe, for that matter I can try something new in my kitchen.

15:17 replied a mail about FACSS’ singing competition.

16:20 Interestingly, my roomie asked me to help her complete the game “angry bird” on her iTouch. I think this should be included in media use so I keep record of it as well. The game design is not complicated but it fairly requires skills and time. I played for almost 50 minutes… just completed 4 levels…

During the suppertime I watched one episode of Merlin, a British TV drama online. Thanks to Hulu, people without television, like me, can also enjoy the same entertaining content, NO commercials. In the evening, I check and iGoogle ( is one part of my iGoogle page) for both domestic and US news. CNN talks a lot about Afghanistan war but I feel less involved…

I was working on my class proposal for the whole night, when I couldn’t find what to write, I checked Renren for brief break.


~ by luckymaggie on October 3, 2010.

One Response to “Media Diary 1: let me get started”

  1. More than 700 friends!!! Wow! You are very popular!

    Flights during our winter break are often very expensive, especially if you are booking it this late in the year. However, maybe you can try searching for some different dates, earlier, or not on the weekend … ?

    “Angry Bird”: Yes, all game use is also media use. Also books, newspapers, magazines, talking on the phone, texting, watching movies … Not only the Internet!

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