Hi all

My name is Mengqing Liu, and I’m a second-year master student in Telecommunication track at UF. My hometown is Beijing, but I think Gainesville is also a cute place. I love traveling because visiting different cities is a great opportunity to try many kinds of delicious food.=)

I guess media ethics is always a hot topic forever, no matter the mainstream media is newspaper or the Internet. The Internet issue is very debatable in China. For example, Facebook and Youtube are not accessible officially, thus if young people want to log on Facebook, they have to use some special skills. I think these factors are the reasons for me to take this course. Also, I register for the mass comm and society class this semester. I think these two classes will help me understand cyperspace.=)


~ by luckymaggie on August 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Hi all”

  1. Hi, Mengqing. I also love trying all kinds of different food. Too bad there is no good Chinese restaurant in Gainesville!

    Right now, my two favorite restaurants are Civilization (NW 2nd Street) and The Jones Eastside (NE 23rd Avenue). Both of these serve a lot of organic and local foods, very fresh! Also, The Jones has the BEST pancakes (try them with blueberries!!).



    • hahaha~thanks very much for telling me local food! Also I don’t think the Chinese food here is real Chinese food… so I cook for my self though it is always time-consuming… But the Chinatown in London is very great!!

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